Hideki Iwama

Hideki Iwama is a photographer who specializes in underwater photography, but also takes photos of nature, sports and bridal photography in Tokyo. Born in 1974 from Yokohama City whose father was in the Medium format camera business, specifically with Mamiya which had a strong influence on how he views photography be it on land or underwater. A strong believer in manual camera & light control. It was during his university days that he took up scuba diving as a hobby where underwater photography was a natural progression.

Currently a visiting lecturer in a Japanese water sports photography technical school. He also supervised the creation of the SSI underwater digital camera specialty text book and worked as camera crew for Japan’s famous Marine Diving Magazine.

He works now for Sea & Sea Sunpak Co., Ltd as future products planner and underwater tester for housings & strobes and other products. As a weekend warrior PADI & SSI Dive instructor, his first love is underwater photography.