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SEA (Small Exotic Animals) Philippines is a yearly underwater photo and video competition that started in 2011 and has become an annual event that amateur underwater photographers look forward to when it comes to diving in the Philippines. On a regular basis, the competition normally starts Dumaguete – considered to have one of the most successful marine sanctuaries in the world, Cebu (Malapascua – Thresher sharks, Moalboal – Sardine Run and Mactan – popular dive training grounds) where diving starts from in the country and Anilao (Batangas) – known globally for having one of the most diverse species of nudibranchs and macro life.


As the center of marine biodiversity located at the heart of the coral triangle, the Philippines is praised for being a world-class SCUBA diving paradise, providing a rich experience for underwater photographers and videographers.

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It is the intention of SEA Philippines to be the anchor event for Philippine underwater imaging competitions with set standards on diver shooting etiquettes, pre & post dive proper handling of imaging gear by dive staff and photo-video diver friendly dive resorts. The results of the competition will showcase the splendor of our oceans, which will provide the opportunity for other divers and non-divers alike to gain awareness of the importance of environmental conservation. Inevitably, it is also an event that aims to foster the development and recognition of one’s underwater photo or video talent that will provide a stepping-stone to further a career in underwater imaging.

SEA Philippines is a yearly underwater photo and video competition organized by Splash Underwater Imaging, Inc. The event is done in cooperation with local government units in the host areas of the competition.

Splash Underwater Imaging, Inc. opened a business with the primary goal of re-introducing underwater photography and video equipment in the Philippines where there was virtually none prior to its debut in March 2003. Aiming to be a unique company where everything about underwater photography or video equipment is locally available in a one-stop shop carrying products from a complex DSLR housing to a simple o-ring. A user-centered approach where a personal touch is given to each and everyone.

Creating the store and the idea behind it almost came naturally—Jovic Santos (President & Owner) has always been addicted to diving, spurring him to capture stills and videos from the sea. As he kept himself well equipped with gears he had been acquiring from his travels, diver-friends soon took notice and were soon asking him to buy equipment for them. Since Splash opened back in 2003, it has been the premier distributor & retailer in the country to specialize only in underwater digital photo-video equipment that is an accredited manufacturer-trained service center. It has made waves in the diving community, and now its ripples have reached photographers—amateurs and professionals alike.

Splash is more than just a store for enthusiasts and hobbyists who are all about taking the best photos. At the core of it is a love for our natural resources, which makes an appeal for preservation through beautiful underwater digital imaging thru photography or videography. We want to share the glory of our marine resources thru our imaging work so people would think twice about destroying them.

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Services We Provide:

Distribution & Retail Sales

Consultation on equipment configuration and use

Custom job, service maintenance & repair

Photo Courses

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